Elon Musk Net Worth 2023

How Much Money Does Elon Musk Have?

Elon Musk is a name that is synonymous with innovation, ambition and success. He is the founder, CEO and chief technology officer of several companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, X Corp., Neuralink and The Boring Company. He is also the president of the Musk Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports renewable energy, human space exploration, pediatric research and education.

Elon Musk Net Worth

As of October 2023, Elon Musk is the wealthiest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of US$204 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and $223 billion according to Forbes.

Elon Musk’s wealth is largely derived from his ownership stakes in Tesla and SpaceX. He owns about 21% of Tesla’s stock and options, and Musk also owns a 43.61% stake in SpaceX.

YearNet Worth (USD)Rank
2023$233 billion1
2022$219 billion1
2021$320 billion1
2020$27 billion11
2019$22.3 billion36
2018$20.8 billion51
2017$19.4 billion70
2016$10.7 billion151
2015$12.9 billion129
2014$11.5 billion147

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Real Estate

Elon Musk’s former real estate:

  • Bel-Air mansion: Purchased for $17 million in 2012, sold for $29.7 million in 2020. This seven-bedroom mansion was a trove of luxury home ideas, complete with a wine cellar, two-story library, theater, and an expansive motor court.
  • Gene Wilder estate: Purchased for $7 million in 2014, sold for $9.5 million in 2020. This four-bedroom home was once the residence of actor Gene Wilder. It features a swimming pool, tennis court, and guesthouse.
  • Warner Estate: Purchased for $25 million in 2016, sold for $40.8 million in 2021. This 16,000-square-foot estate was built in 1937 and sits on 9 acres of land. It features a seven-bedroom main house, two guesthouses, a swimming pool, tennis court, and movie theater.
  • Brentwood estate: Purchased for $6.75 million in 2014, sold for $7.25 million in 2020. This four-bedroom home features a swimming pool, spa, and guesthouse.
  • Holmby Hills estate: Purchased for $3 million in 2014, sold for $4 million in 2019. This three-bedroom home features a swimming pool and tennis court.
  • Bel Air Road estate: Purchased for $9.18 million in 2013, sold for $9.5 million in 2020. This five-bedroom home features a swimming pool, spa, and tennis court.
  • Castillo del Corazon: Purchased for $70 million in 2016, sold for $84.1 million in 2020. This 16,000-square-foot estate was built in 1936 and sits on 47 acres of land. It features a nine-bedroom main house, guesthouse, swimming pool, tennis court, and bowling alley.

Elon Musk’s current real estate:

  • Boxabl home in Boca Chica, Texas: Purchased for $68,000 in 2021. This 375-square-foot foldable home is located near SpaceX’s Starbase facility. It features a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and garage.

Total value of former real estate: Approximately $174 million.

Total value of current real estate: Approximately $68,000.

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Car Collection

Elon Musk has a diverse car collection that includes both classic and modern vehicles, as well as some of the most expensive and sought-after cars in the world. Here is a list of some of the most notable cars in his collection, along with their estimated worth:

  • 1978 BMW 320i ($1,400)
  • 1967 Jaguar E-Type ($40,000)
  • 1997 McLaren F1 ($815,000)
  • 2006 Hamann BMW M5 ($103,500)
  • 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo ($150,000)
  • 2013 Tesla Model S ($70,000)
  • 2015 Tesla Model X ($100,000)
  • 2019 Tesla Roadster ($200,000)
  • 2022 Tesla Cybertruck (not yet released, but estimated to be worth around $40,000)

In addition to these cars, Musk is also rumored to own a number of other vehicles, including a 1976 Lotus Esprit Submarine Car, a Ford Model T, and a Toyota Hilux.

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Private Jets

Elon Musk owns four private jets, all of which are made by Gulfstream.

  • Gulfstream G650ER (valued at $66.5 million)
  • Gulfstream G550 (valued at $57 million)
  • Gulfstream G2 (valued at $27 million)
  • Gulfstream G700 (valued at $78 million)

The Gulfstream G700 is Musk’s newest and most expensive private jet. It is a state-of-the-art aircraft with a range of over 7,500 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.92. The G700 is also equipped with a number of luxurious amenities, including a master bedroom, a full kitchen, and a conference room.

Musk’s other three private jets are also highly capable aircraft. The Gulfstream G650ER is one of the longest-range private jets in the world, and the Gulfstream G550 is a popular choice for corporate executives due to its spacious cabin and comfortable ride. The Gulfstream G2 is a smaller jet that is ideal for short-haul flights.

Musk uses his private jets to travel all over the world for business and personal reasons. He has been known to fly his jets to meet with investors, attend conferences, and visit his various companies. He has also used his jets to take vacations with his family and friends.

The total value of Elon Musk’s private jet collection is over $221 million. This makes him one of the few people in the world who owns more than one private jet.

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According to Forbes, Elon Musk has donated over $280 million to charity over the course of his lifetime. However, in 2021, he donated $5.7 billion in Tesla shares to his own charitable foundation, the Musk Foundation. This made him the second-most generous philanthropist in the world that year, after Bill and Melinda Gates.

The Musk Foundation has made grants to a variety of organizations, including:

  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • X Prize Foundation
  • OpenAI
  • Future of Life Institute
  • Planetary Resources
  • GiveDirectly

The Musk Foundation’s mission is to “support safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence, space exploration, renewable energy, and other philanthropic endeavors that advance humanity.”

Elon Musk has also made personal donations to a number of other organizations, including:

  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Khan Academy
  • Tesla Foundation
  • SpaceX Foundation

In addition to his philanthropic giving, Musk has also pledged to give away at least half of his wealth by the time he dies. He has said that he intends to use his money to “solve the world’s biggest problems.

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Early Life and Education

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. He was interested in science and technology from a young age and taught himself to code. He sold his first game, Blastar, for about $500 when he was 12 years old. He also read extensively and was influenced by the works of Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne and Douglas Adams.

Elon Musk attended the University of Pretoria for a few months before moving to Canada at age 18, where he obtained citizenship through his Canadian-born mother. He enrolled at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he met his first wife, Justine Wilson. He later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and physics.

In 1995, Musk moved to California to pursue a PhD in applied physics at Stanford University. However, he dropped out after two days to start his entrepreneurial career.

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Zip2 (1995)


Zip2 was the first company founded by Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal Musk in 1995, along with their friend Greg Kouri.

It started as Global Link Information Network, Inc., a service that provided local businesses with an online presence and directions to their locations. Later, Zip2 changed its strategy and began to license its software to newspapers, allowing them to create online city guides with maps and business directories.

Zip2 partnered with major media companies such as The New York Times, Knight Ridder, and Hearst Corporation, becoming a leader in the online city guide industry.

In 1999, Zip2 was acquired by Compaq Computer for $307 million in cash and $34 million in stock options, making Elon Musk a multimillionaire at the age of 28. He used part of his fortune to start his next venture, X.com, which later merged with Confinity and became PayPal.

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X.com (1999) | PayPal


X.com was an online financial services company that Elon Musk co-founded in 1999, after selling his first startup Zip2 for $307 million. X.com offered email-based payments, online banking, and brokerage services. It was one of the first companies to use the domain name X.com, which Musk believed was associated with treasure and adventure.

However, X.com faced fierce competition from another online payment company called Confinity, which had a popular service called PayPal. In March 2000, X.com and Confinity decided to merge, creating a new company that retained the name X.com. Musk became the CEO of the merged company, and had a 12% stake in it.

But Elon Musk’s vision for X.com soon clashed with that of the other founders and executives, especially Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Confinity and PayPal. Musk wanted to focus on expanding X.com’s banking and brokerage services, while Thiel and others wanted to concentrate on PayPal’s email payment system. Musk also insisted on keeping the name X.com, despite research showing that many customers associated it with pornography.

Musk’s leadership was also challenged by technical and financial problems. X.com suffered a major security breach in May 2000, when hackers accessed the personal information of thousands of customers. X.com also burned through millions of dollars in marketing and development costs, while facing regulatory hurdles and lawsuits from banks and credit card companies.

In June 2000, while Elon Musk was on a flight to Australia for his honeymoon, Thiel and other board members staged a coup and voted to oust Musk as CEO. They replaced him with Thiel and renamed the company PayPal in September 2000. Musk remained on the board until February 2002, when eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion. Musk received $165 million for his shares in PayPal.

Elon Musk later said that he was “hurt” by the way he was removed from X.com, but also admitted that he made some mistakes as CEO. He said that he learned from the experience and became a better leader and entrepreneur. He also said that he still had “great sentimental value” for X.com, and bought back the domain name from PayPal in 2017.

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SpaceX (2002)

spacex starlink

In 2001, after selling his online payment company PayPal to eBay for $1.5 billion, Musk had enough money and time to pursue his passion for space.

Elon Musk’s interest in space exploration began in early 2001, when he donated $100,000 to the Mars Society and joined its board of directors for a short time. He also announced Mars Oasis, a project to land a greenhouse and grow plants on Mars as a way to inspire public interest in space.

However, he soon realized that NASA had no concrete plan for a human mission to Mars, and that the cost of launching rockets was prohibitively high. He decided to look for cheaper alternatives, and traveled to Russia twice with aerospace engineer Jim Cantrell and former NASA official Michael Griffin to buy refurbished intercontinental ballistic missiles. But the Russians were not interested in selling their rockets to a group of inexperienced Americans, and quoted outrageous prices.

Musk was frustrated by the lack of progress, and decided to start his own rocket company. He met with several aerospace engineers at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport in early 2002, and pitched his vision of building affordable and reusable rockets that could eventually take humans to Mars. Some of them were skeptical, but others were intrigued by his ambition and passion.

Elon Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, in March 2002, with $100 million of his own money. He hired some of the engineers he met at the hotel, as well as others from NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other aerospace companies. He also recruited Gwynne Shotwell, a former executive at Microcosm Inc., as the vice president of business development.

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The Early Struggles of SpaceX

SpaceX’s first rocket was the Falcon 1, named after the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It was designed to be a small, low-cost launch vehicle that could carry satellites and other payloads into orbit. It was also intended to be partially reusable, with its first stage capable of landing back on Earth for refurbishment and reuse.

However, developing a rocket from scratch was not easy. SpaceX faced many technical challenges, delays, and failures in its early years. The first three launches of Falcon 1 ended in explosions, due to various problems such as fuel leaks, engine shutdowns, and stage separation failures.

Elon Musk was running out of money and patience. He had invested most of his fortune in SpaceX and Tesla, which was also struggling at the time. He had only enough funds for one more launch attempt. He also faced pressure from NASA, which had awarded SpaceX a $278 million contract in 2006 to demonstrate cargo delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) using its Dragon spacecraft.

The fourth launch of Falcon 1 took place on September 28, 2008. It was a make-or-break moment for SpaceX. Fortunately, after years of hard work and perseverance, the rocket successfully reached orbit and deployed its payload, a dummy satellite named RazakSAT. It was the first time a privately funded liquid-fueled rocket had achieved orbit. It was also a historic milestone for the commercial space industry.

Elon Musk was overjoyed by the success. He said in a press conference: This is one of the greatest days of my life.” He also thanked his team for their dedication and sacrifice: “You guys are awesome… you’ve done an incredible job.

The success of Falcon 1 gave SpaceX the confidence and credibility it needed to continue its mission. It also convinced NASA to award SpaceX another contract worth $1.6 billion in December 2008 to provide 12 cargo flights to the ISS using its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft.

The Rise of SpaceX

SpaceX continued to innovate and improve its rockets and spacecraft over the next decade. It launched its first Falcon 9 rocket in June 2010, which had nine engines instead of one, and could carry much heavier payloads than Falcon 1. It also launched its first Dragon spacecraft in December 2010, which became the first private spacecraft to be recovered from orbit.

In May 2012, SpaceX made history again when it launched its Dragon spacecraft to the ISS and successfully docked with it. It was the first time a private company had sent a spacecraft to the ISS. It also marked the beginning of regular cargo missions to the orbiting laboratory.

SpaceX also achieved another breakthrough in December 2015, when it landed the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket back on a landing pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was the first time a rocket had performed a vertical propulsive landing after delivering a payload to orbit. It was also the first step towards making rockets fully reusable, which could dramatically reduce the cost of space access.

SpaceX repeated this feat several times, landing its rockets on both land and sea platforms. It also started to reuse its rockets, launching and landing the same booster multiple times. In March 2017, SpaceX launched its first reused rocket, which had previously flown in April 2016. It also launched its first reused Dragon spacecraft in June 2017, which had previously flown in September 2014.

SpaceX also expanded its portfolio of launch vehicles and spacecraft. It developed the Falcon Heavy, a heavy-lift rocket that consisted of three Falcon 9 boosters strapped together. It launched its first Falcon Heavy in February 2018, which carried Musk’s personal Tesla Roadster as a dummy payload. The launch was watched by millions of people around the world, and generated huge publicity for SpaceX.

SpaceX also developed the Starlink, a constellation of thousands of small satellites that provide high-speed internet access to anywhere on Earth. It launched its first batch of Starlink satellites in May 2019, and as of June 2023, it had more than 4,300 satellites in orbit. Starlink became the largest satellite constellation ever, and also provided internet service to remote areas and war zones.

SpaceX also began to work on its most ambitious project yet: the Starship, a human-rated, fully-reusable, super-heavy-lift launch system that could carry up to 100 people and 100 tons of cargo to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. It consisted of two stages: the Starship spacecraft and the Super Heavy booster. SpaceX built several prototypes of Starship at its facilities in Boca Chica, Texas, and conducted several test flights and landings.

In April 2023, SpaceX launched its first Starship prototype with a Super Heavy booster for the first time. The launch was spectacular, but also disastrous. The rocket exploded shortly after liftoff, creating a massive fireball that could be seen for miles. No one was injured, but the incident raised questions about the safety and feasibility of Starship.

Elon Musk remained optimistic and undeterred by the failure. He said in a tweet: “We will try again soon.” He also said that Starship was essential for his vision of making humanity a multiplanetary species: “We must go to Mars.

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Tesla, Inc. (2003)


Tesla is a company that produces electric vehicles and clean energy solutions. It was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who were inspired by the potential of battery-electric cars. They named the company after Nikola Tesla, a famous inventor and engineer who pioneered the use of alternating current.

In 2004, Elon Musk joined Tesla as an investor and became the chairman of the board. He later became the CEO in 2008 and remains the most prominent figure of the company. Musk had a vision of creating affordable mass market electric vehicles that could compete with conventional cars.

Tesla’s first product was the Roadster, a high-performance sports car that was launched in 2008. It was the first production car to use a lithium-ion battery and could travel up to 250 miles on a single charge. The Roadster received positive reviews and awards for its design and performance.

Tesla then developed the Model S, a luxury sedan that was released in 2012. The Model S set new standards for electric cars with its spacious interior, advanced technology, and long-range battery. It also became the best-selling plug-in electric car in the US for several years.

Tesla continued to expand its product line with the Model X, a crossover SUV that debuted in 2015, and the Model 3, a more affordable sedan that started production in 2017. Tesla also introduced the Model Y, a compact SUV, in 2020, and plans to launch the Cybertruck, a futuristic pickup truck, in 2022.

Tesla is not only a carmaker, but also a leader in clean energy solutions. It produces solar panels, solar roofs, and battery packs for homes and businesses. It also operates a network of Superchargers, which are fast-charging stations for Tesla vehicles around the world.

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SolarCity (2006)


SolarCity was founded by Peter and Lyndon Rive, who are Musk’s cousins, on July 4, 2006.

They were inspired by Musk’s suggestion for a solar company concept, and he became their primary financial backer and chairman. SolarCity grew rapidly in the US market, becoming the leading residential solar installer by 2013. SolarCity also expanded its services to include other related products, such as energy storage batteries, electric vehicle chargers, and microgrids.

SolarCity had a close relationship with Tesla, another company founded by Musk. Tesla and SolarCity shared a common vision of transitioning the world away from fossil fuels and towards clean solar energy.

Tesla and SolarCity collaborated on several projects, such as offering free charging to Tesla Roadster owners at SolarCity’s charging stations, installing Tesla Powerwall batteries at SolarCity’s customers’ homes, and developing a solar roof product that integrates solar cells into roof tiles.

In 2016, Elon Musk announced his plan to merge Tesla and SolarCity into one company, Tesla Energy. He argued that the merger would create synergies and efficiencies between the two companies and enable them to offer a complete solution for sustainable energy generation, storage, and consumption. The merger was approved by the shareholders of both companies in November 2016, at a cost of approximately US$2.6 billion (equivalent to $3.2 billion in 2022).

The merger was not without challenges and controversies. Some critics questioned the financial viability of the deal, as both Tesla and SolarCity were struggling with debt and losses at the time. Some shareholders also sued Musk and the boards of both companies, alleging that the merger was a bailout for SolarCity and a conflict of interest for Musk, who owned stakes in both companies. The lawsuit was settled in 2020, with Musk agreeing to pay $40 million (equivalent to $43 million in 2022) to Tesla shareholders.

Since the merger, Tesla Energy has continued to operate SolarCity’s business under its own brand name. Tesla Energy has also launched new products and initiatives, such as the Solar Roof, the Megapack battery system, and the Virtual Power Plant program. Tesla Energy’s goal is to become a global leader in renewable energy solutions.

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DeepMind (2014)

Google DeepMind

Elon Musk was an early investor in DeepMind, a London-based AI research lab that was acquired by Google in 2014 for a reported $600 million. Musk said he invested in DeepMind over ‘Terminator’ fears, meaning that he wanted to ensure that AI would be used for good and not evil.

DeepMind is best known for developing AI systems that can play games better than any human, such as AlphaGo, AlphaZero, and AlphaStar. However, Musk believes that DeepMind is also a “top concern” when it comes to AI, because he fears that it could create artificial superintelligence that could surpass human intelligence and control.

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OpenAI (2015)

OpenAI ChatGPT 4

In 2015, Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI, a research organization dedicated to creating “safe and beneficial” artificial general intelligence (AGI), which could potentially surpass human intelligence and capabilities.

OpenAI was launched with a $1 billion pledge from Musk and other prominent tech leaders and investors, such as Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman and Jessica Livingston. The goal of OpenAI was to ensure that AI would be aligned with human values and used for good, rather than for profit or domination.

OpenAI started as a non-profit entity, but in 2019 it restructured itself into a “capped profit” corporation, which means that it can raise funds from investors but only use them for its research mission and not for dividends. It also created a new for-profit subsidiary called OpenAI Global, LLC, which can commercialize some of its technologies and products.

In 2019, OpenAI received a $1 billion investment from Microsoft, which also became its exclusive cloud provider and partner. In 2023, Microsoft invested an additional $10 billion in OpenAI, extending their partnership. This investment makes Microsoft one of the largest shareholders in OpenAI.

One of the most notable achievements of OpenAI is the development of ChatGPT, a series of AI chatbots that can generate natural language texts on various topics and tasks.

ChatGPT is based on a deep learning model called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), which was first introduced by OpenAI in 2018. ChatGPT has gone through several versions, each more powerful and capable than the previous one. The latest version, ChatGPT-4, was released in 2022 and has 175 billion parameters, making it the largest language model ever created.

Elon Musk has been both supportive and critical of OpenAI and ChatGPT over the years. He resigned from OpenAI’s board of directors in 2018, citing possible conflicts of interest with his own AI work at Tesla.

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The Boring Company (2016)

The Boring Company

It all started with a tweet. On December 17, 2016, Musk was stuck in Los Angeles traffic and vented his frustration on Twitter. He wrote, “Traffic is driving me nuts. I am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…” Many people thought he was joking, but he was serious. He added, “It shall be called ‘The Boring Company’. I am actually going to do this.

He wasted no time in turning his idea into reality. He registered the company as “TBC – The Boring Company” on January 11, 2017. He also hired some engineers from SpaceX to work on the project. He began digging a test hole on the premises of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, in February 2017. He said, “Let’s get started today and see what’s the biggest hole we can dig between now and Sunday afternoon, running 24 hours a day.” By the end of that weekend, they had dug a hole measuring 50 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

The Boring Company’s goal is to enhance tunneling speed and reduce costs by a factor of 10 or more. It plans to build a network of transportation corridors underground that can carry passengers and vehicles at high speeds using electric skates or pods. It also aims to integrate its tunnels with Hyperloop, a proposed system of vacuum tubes that can transport people and cargo at near-supersonic speeds.

Since its inception, The Boring Company has completed three projects: the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop, the Hyperloop Test Track, and the R&D Tunnel. It is currently working on several more projects, such as the Vegas Loop, the Chicago Express Loop, and the East Coast Loop. It has also sold recreational flamethrowers and hats to raise funds and awareness for its vision.

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Neuralink was founded in 2016 by Elon Musk and a team of seven scientists and engineers, who were experts in neuroscience, biochemistry, and robotics. The company was first publicly reported in March 2017 by The Wall Street Journal, but it remained largely under the radar until 2019, when it held its first major presentation.

Neuralink is developing two main pieces of technology: a chip that would be implanted in the skull, and a robot that would perform the surgery. The chip, which is about the size of a coin, would have an array of thin wires that would fan out into the brain and record or stimulate neural activity. The chip would transmit data wirelessly to a computer or a smartphone app. The robot, which resembles a sewing machine, would use a stiff needle to insert the flexible wires into the brain with high precision and minimal damage.

Neuralink has tested its technology on animals, such as rats and pigs, and has claimed to have achieved a “FitBit in your skull” that can measure temperature, pressure, and movement. Elon Musk has also said that Neuralink has a monkey that can play video games using its mind. The company has received approval from the FDA to conduct human trials in 2023, and hopes to eventually treat conditions such as paralysis, blindness, deafness, depression, and dementia.

Neuralink’s vision is not only medical, but also transhumanist. Musk has said that he wants to achieve “symbiosis” with artificial intelligence, which he considers an existential threat to humanity if left unchecked. He has also said that Neuralink could enable people to communicate telepathically, store and replay memories, merge with other minds, and access enhanced sensory experiences.

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X (formerly Twitter) (2023)

X (formerly Twitter)

Twitter the social media platform, which has over 300 million active users, is fully owned by Musk after he made a $43.4 billion all-cash offer in April 2022.

Here is a brief timeline of how Musk became the owner of Twitter:

  • January 2022: Elon Musk starts buying shares of Twitter, reportedly using his personal funds and loans from banks.
  • April 4, 2022: Elon Musk reveals that he owns 9.2% of Twitter shares totaling $2.64 billion, making him the second-largest shareholder after Vanguard.
  • April 5, 2022: Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal invites Musk to join the board of directors, but Musk declines.
  • April 10, 2022: Elon Musk tweets that he is considering taking Twitter private and asks his followers to vote on whether they would support him or not. The poll receives over 10 million votes, with 72% in favor of Musk.
  • April 14, 2022: Elon Musk files an offer with the SEC to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share, valuing the company at $43.4 billion. He also announces his offer on Twitter and says he wants to make the platform “better than ever”.
  • April 15, 2022: Twitter’s board adopts a shareholder rights plan, also known as a “poison pill”, to prevent Musk from acquiring the company without their approval.
  • April 24, 2022: Musk appears at the TED2022 conference and explains his vision for Twitter. He says he wants to make it more trusted, inclusive and innovative. He also says he will not interfere with the editorial decisions of the platform and will respect the freedom of speech of its users.
  • May 3, 2022: Twitter’s board rejects Musk’s offer, saying it undervalues the company and is not in the best interest of its shareholders.
  • May 10, 2022: A Twitter shareholder sues Elon Musk for failing to disclose his stake in the company when he was required to do so by law. The lawsuit claims that Musk manipulated the market and cheated sellers of Twitter stock out of increased profits.
  • June 7, 2022: Elon Musk increases his offer to $60 per share, or $48 billion in total. He says this is his final and best offer and urges Twitter’s board to accept it.
  • June 21, 2022: Twitter’s board agrees to enter into negotiations with Musk after facing pressure from other shareholders who support his offer.
  • July 15, 2022: Musk and Twitter’s board reach an agreement on the terms of the acquisition. The deal is subject to regulatory approval and a vote by Twitter’s shareholders.
  • October 27, 2022: The deal is finalized, Elon Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter, and he becomes the sole owner of Twitter. He appoints himself as the CEO and chairman of the company.

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xAI (2023)


In 2023, Elon Musk announced the launch of xAI, a new project that aims to create artificial intelligence that can exceed human capabilities in every domain. xAI is a collaboration between SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and OpenAI, and it promises to revolutionize the fields of science, engineering, medicine, art, and more.

xAI is not a single system, but a network of interconnected agents that can learn from each other and from the vast amount of data available on the internet. xAI agents can also communicate with humans via natural language, voice, and brain-computer interfaces. Musk claims that xAI will be able to solve any problem that humans can, and many that humans cannot.

Elon Musk says that xAI is not a threat to humanity, but a partner that will help us achieve our goals and aspirations. He argues that xAI will be aligned with human values and ethics, and that it will respect human autonomy and dignity. He also says that xAI will be transparent and accountable, and that it will share its knowledge and insights with the public.

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Personal Life

Elon Musk is a private person who keeps his personal life largely out of the public eye. However, we know that he has been married three times and has eleven children.


Elon Musk’s parents are Errol Musk and Maye Musk.

Errol Musk is a South African electromechanical engineer, pilot, sailor, consultant, and property developer. He was born on May 27, 1946, in Pretoria, South Africa. His father, Walter Henry James Musk, was a South African-born British engineer and inventor. His mother, Cora Amelia Robinson, was a British-born South African.

Elon Musk father Errol Musk

Errol Musk attended Pretoria Boys High School and the University of Pretoria, where he studied electromechanical engineering. He graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. After graduating, he worked as an engineer for several companies, including IBM and NCR. In 1979, he started his own consulting firm, Errol Musk Engineering.

Errol Musk has been married four times and has seven children. His first marriage was to Maye Haldeman in 1970. They had three children together: Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca. They divorced in 1980. In 1981, he married Heide Bezuidenhout, whose daughter Jana Bezuidenhout was 4 years old at the time. Errol and Heide had two daughters together before they, too, broke up. Years later, Jana reached out to Errol following a breakup. “We were lonely, lost people,” Errol explained in a 2018 interview with The Sunday Times.

Errol Musk is a controversial figure. He has been accused of domestic violence and has made several controversial statements about race and politics. However, he is also a successful businessman and has made a significant contribution to the South African economy.

Maye Musk is a Canadian model and dietitian. She was born on April 19, 1948, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her father, Joshua Haldeman, was a chiropractor and her mother, Cora Amelia Robinson, was a homemaker.

Elon Musk with his mother Maye Musk

Maye Musk moved to South Africa with her family in 1950. She attended Pretoria Girls High School and the University of Pretoria, where she studied dietetics. She graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics. After graduating, she worked as a dietitian at several hospitals and clinics in South Africa. In 1981, she moved to Canada with her three children after her divorce from Errol Musk.

Maye Musk has continued to work as a dietitian in Canada. She has also become a successful model. She has appeared on the covers of several magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She is also a brand ambassador for several companies, including Revlon and Biotherm.

Maye Musk is an inspiration to many people. She is a successful businesswoman, a loving mother of three, and a role model for women of all ages.


Elon Musk has two siblings, Kimbal Musk and Tosca Musk, and four half-siblings from his father, Errol Musk.


  • Kimbal Musk is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and restaurateur. He is the co-founder and CEO of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, a chain of restaurants that serve sustainable food. He is also the co-founder of X.com, which merged with Confinity to form PayPal, which was later acquired by eBay. Kimbal is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Tosca Musk is a filmmaker and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of Passionflix, a streaming service that specializes in romantic films. She is also the founder of Musk Entertainment, a production company that produces films and television shows. Tosca is a graduate of the University of Southern California.


  • Alexandra Musk is a filmmaker and producer. She is the daughter of Errol Musk and Heide Bezuidenhout. She is the producer of the documentary “Elon Musk: Beyond the Headlines.”
  • Asha Rose Musk is a model and entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Errol Musk and Heide Bezuidenhout. She is the founder of the skincare line Musk Essentials.
  • Elliot “Rushi” Musk is the son of Errol Musk and Jana Bezuidenhout. He is a software engineer.
  • (Unnamed sister) is the daughter of Errol Musk and Jana Bezuidenhout. She is a student.


Elon Musk has had a complex romantic life, with three marriages and several high-profile relationships.

He was first married to Justine Wilson from 2000 to 2008. The couple had six children together, including twins Griffin and Vivian, who died of sudden infant death syndrome at ten weeks old.

Elon Musk and Talulah Riley

In 2010, Elon Musk married English actress Talulah Riley. The couple divorced in 2012 but remarried in 2013. They divorced again in 2016.

Elon Musk and Grimes

In 2018, Elon Musk began dating singer Grimes. They had two children together, a son named X Æ A-XII and a daughter named Exa Dark Sideræl Musk. The couple separated in September 2021 but have remained on good terms.

In May 2022, it was revealed that Elon Musk had fathered twins with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis in November 2021.

While Musk is not currently married, he has not ruled out getting married again in the future. In a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “I’m not saying I have to get married again, but I think it’s likely.


Elon Musk has 11 children with three different women:

With Justine Wilson:

  • Nevada Alexander Musk (died of SIDS at 10 weeks old)
  • Griffin Musk
  • Xavier Musk
  • Kai Musk
  • Saxon Musk
  • Damian Musk

With Grimes:

  • X Æ A-XII Musk
  • Exa Dark Sideræl Musk

With Shivon Zilis:

  • Strider and Azure (Twins)

Musk has said that he wants to have a large family, and he has also spoken about the importance of raising children to be curious and creative. He has also said that he wants to teach his children about the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Musk’s children are still young, but they are already showing signs of their father’s intelligence and ambition. Kai, Saxon, and Damian have all expressed an interest in engineering and technology, while X Æ A-XII has been described as a “genius” by his mother.

It is still too early to say what the future holds for Musk’s children, but one thing is for sure: they will grow up in a world that is shaped by their father’s vision.


  • Amber Heard: Musk and Heard reportedly dated briefly in 2016 and 2017.
  • Cameron Diaz: Musk reportedly dated Diaz for a few months in 2013.
  • Lindsay Lohan: Musk and Lohan were reportedly seen on dates together in 2015 and 2016.

In recent years, Musk has also faced allegations of sexual misconduct. In 2018, a former SpaceX employee accused Musk of exposing himself to her and propositioning her for sex. Musk denied the allegations, but the employee settled a lawsuit with SpaceX for $250,000. In 2022, another woman accused Musk of groping her on a private jet in 2016. Musk has denied this allegation as well.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Elon Musk is of mixed ethnicity and nationality. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, to a South African father and a Canadian mother. He holds citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

Musk’s paternal grandmother was British, and his paternal grandfather was South African. His maternal grandparents were celebrity explorers who lived in South Africa and Canada and searched for the Lost City of the Kalahari.


How much money does Elon Musk have?

Elon Musk has an estimated net worth of $223.2 billion, according to Forbes. This makes him the richest person in the world.

How many Kids does Elon Musk have?

Elon Musk has 11 children with three different women.

Where is Elon Musk from?

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 28, 1971. He holds citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

How did Elon Musk make his money?

Elon Musk made his money by founding and selling several successful companies, including Zip2, X.com (which later merged with Confinity to become PayPal), SpaceX, and Tesla. He is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, and he owns about 21% of Tesla’s stock and options. Musk’s wealth is largely derived from his ownership stakes in Tesla and SpaceX.

Where does Elon Musk live?

Elon Musk currently lives in a small, prefabricated house in Boca Chica, Texas. The house is located next to SpaceX’s Starbase facility, where the company is developing its Starship and Super Heavy rockets.

What nationality is Elon musk?

Elon Musk is a South African-born American businessman and investor. He holds citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

How much does Elon musk make a day?

Elon Musk’s net worth fluctuates depending on the stock market, but on average, he makes over $46 million per day in 2023. This is equivalent to nearly $1.93 million per hour, $32,155 per minute, and $536 per second.

How much did Elon musk pay for twitter?

Elon Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter on October 27, 2022. This was the price he agreed to in April 2022, when he first announced his intention to buy the company. The deal was finalized after months of negotiations and legal challenges.