Hailee Steinfeld: Movies, Tv Shows, and Net Worth

Hailee Steinfeld's movies, tv shows, net worth

Hailee Steinfeld is a name that is well-known in the entertainment industry. She is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself as an actress, singer, and songwriter. In this article, we will take a closer look at Hailee Steinfeld’s movies, tv shows, net worth, life, and career, from her early beginnings to her current success.

Early Life and Career

Hailee Steinfeld was born on December 11, 1996, in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a family of entertainers, with her father being a personal fitness trainer, and her mother being an interior designer. Hailee’s interest in acting began at a young age, and she began taking acting classes when she was eight years old.

In 2010, Hailee was cast as Mattie Ross in the film “True Grit.” Her performance in the movie earned her critical acclaim and numerous award nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. This was a major breakthrough for the young actress, and it marked the beginning of a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Movies and Tv Shows

List of Hailee Steinfeld movies and TV shows:


  1. Heather: A Fairy Tale (2008)
  2. She’s a Fox (2009)
  3. Without Wings (2010)
  4. Grand Cru (2010)
  5. True Grit (2010)
  6. Hateship, Loveship (2013)
  7. Begin Again (2013)
  8. The Homesman (2014)
  9. 3 Days to Kill (2014)
  10. The Keeping Room (2014)
  11. Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
  12. Ten Thousand Saints (2015)
  13. Term Life (2016)
  14. The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
  15. Pitch Perfect 3 (2017)
  16. Bumblebee (2018)
  17. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) (voice)
  18. Charlie’s Angels (2019)
  19. Voicemails for Isabelle (2020)
  20. Hawkeye (2021) (Disney+ series)
  21. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (2022)
  22. Idol (2022)
  23. Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin (2022) (voice)
  24. Arcane (2023) (Netflix series)
  25. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023)

TV shows:

  1. Back to You (2007)
  2. Sons of Tucson (2010)
  3. Summer Camp (2010)
  4. The Good Witch (2018) (Hallmark Channel series)
  5. Dickinson (2019-2021) (Apple TV+ series)

Music Career

In addition to her acting career, Hailee is also a talented singer and songwriter. She released her debut single, “Love Myself,” in 2015, which was a commercial success. She has since released several other hit songs, including “Starving” (featuring Zedd) and “Most Girls.”

She has also collaborated with other artists on their songs, including Machine Gun Kelly, Alesso, and Grey. Her music has been well-received by critics and fans alike, and she has established herself as a successful musician in addition to being an actress.

Personal Life

She is known for keeping her personal life private. However, she has been linked to several high-profile celebrities over the years, including Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, and Cameron Smoller. She has not confirmed any of these relationships publicly.

Net Worth

Hailee Steinfeld is a talented actress and musician who has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

Hailee has also done several endorsement deals and has worked with several high-profile brands, including Miu Miu and Adidas. She has also served as an ambassador for various charities and organizations, such as WE Charity and the National Eating Disorders Association.

With her talent and success in both the acting and music industries, it’s no surprise that Hailee Steinfeld has amassed a considerable fortune. As she continues to take on new projects and expand her brand, her net worth is likely to continue to grow.


Hailee Steinfeld is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself in both the acting and music industries. She has proven herself to be a versatile performer who can take on a wide range of roles, and she continues to be a sought-after talent in Hollywood. With her talent and drive, it’s clear that Hailee Steinfeld will continue to be a force in the entertainment industry for years to come.


How did Hailee Steinfeld get her start in acting?

Hailee Steinfeld began taking acting classes when she was eight years old. She was cast in the film “True Grit” in 2010, which earned her critical acclaim and numerous award nominations.

What are some of Hailee Steinfeld’s notable roles?

Hailee Steinfeld has starred in movies and TV shows such as “Pitch Perfect 2,” “The Edge of Seventeen,” “Hawkeye,” and “Dickinson.”

What are some of Hailee Steinfeld’s hit songs?

Hailee Steinfeld’s hit songs include “Love Myself,” “Starving” (featuring Zedd), “Capital Letters” and “Most Girls.”

Has Hailee Steinfeld won any awards for her work?

Yes, Hailee Steinfeld has won several awards for her acting and music, including a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, a Teen Choice Award, and a Billboard Women in Music Award.