Headphones vs Earphones vs Headsets vs Earbuds or Airpods


There are two types of headphones available in the market the ear and over-ear headphones.

However, over-ear headphones are likely to gain more market share owing to advantages offered by over ears in comparison to earphones.

The earphone market growth rate is majorly driven by an increase in the disposable income of the middle-class population who uses earphones due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience.

The usage of earphones is gaining popularity in a wide range of applications such as during travel, running and exercising, monitoring the environment, and various other purposes.


There are two many types of earphones wireless and wired, they are called cordless, pocket-free, free and wireless earphone.

Pocket-Free Earphones

The pocket-free earphone is no more pocket-strain than a traditional earphone, they are cheaper than the pocket-strain earphones because pocket-free earphones are made to fit a small or larger portion of your ear because they fit the pocket, pocket-free earphones are free from bulk, bulk is un-chime and noise, bulk is weight and weight can limit the range of the earphones.

The pocket-free earphones can play sounds, the pocket-free earphones can talk, the pocket-free earphones can play music, but is not a pocket, since it can’t take a flat touch or un-button, so you can’t lose the earphone like an ordinary earphone.

You can take an earphone like the pocket-free earphone anywhere, from the office to the bedroom to the picnic with friends, but when you want to talk to your friends and listen to music, you have to take a regular earphone to a picnic or can go without the earphones in a crowded place.

Solving this problem is the pocket-free earphone, it is easier than ever and you can listen to your favourite songs, listen to your favourite music, play your favourite music, play the music from your pocket, listen to your audiobook, play the audiobook from your laptop or mobile phone, listen to audiobooks through the pocket-free earphone, the pocket-free earphone with a wire can play music or it can play audiobook to your pocket or laptop.

The pocket-free earphone is excellent for the travellers, the travellers can listen to their favourite songs or they can play a free audiobook or a free audiobook to their pocket or laptop, that is a pocket-free earphone.

There are different types of pocket-free earphone, they are pocket-free earphones with microphone and pocket-free earphones with the audio controller.


Headsets are normally headphones that come with a microphone. Sometimes some headphones have a built-in mic, for example, the EA SPORTS FIFA Headphones.

Then you have headpieces such as the HyperX Cloud, which allow for both audio and microphone streaming from a PC to a smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch. Headphones also come with headphones and mics built into them, for example, the Togga Headphones, which allow for streaming from your smartphone to a PC or PC to a smartphone or tablet.

These have a button on them for volume and skipping tracks. Another version has a 3.5mm jack on the headphones with a microphone built into it, for example, Headphones Direct (the company now offers both a high-end Bluetooth and a set with an integrated microphone).

These are called Headphones for the Masses and should be cheaper than some of the others that are marketed for streaming multimedia from a PC or smartphone, for example via apps like Rhapsody.

There are also more expensive products from companies like Beats or Bose, which are designed to be paired with an iPhone or smartphone, for example.

They do include an integrated microphone and volume, although they are usually more expensive than the other products.

Earpods or Earbuds

Earpods or earbuds are true wireless stereo that is directly fit into the ear. They are slightly flimsy in comparison to the other headsets we have tested but this is no bad thing. They are also very light and slim.

They are a no-frills affair but it works well, enabling us to stay connected to our phone while having full access to the Spotify music store via Bluetooth.
It is not fully wireless, however. In the box, you will find two earbuds that you simply clip on to your ears. They are rather small but not excessively so.
The only thing missing is a microphone. This is a downside for some. The headphones also have a decent seal that keeps out noise while ensuring that sound gets out around the back.
The lack of a microphone is certainly a downside if you listen to music or podcasts regularly on the train or work where it would be rude to answer the phone.
The earpods are relatively easy to use as well and they are fairly responsive for simple music playback.
The EarPods headphones are a bit noisy and they are quite hot to wear in comparison to the others.

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