Instander 16.0 apk download latest version 2022

Instander 16.0 apk download latest version 2022

Instander is a free modification of the Instagram app for android. It contains many improvements over the original application.

It has a lot of different improvements that give the user an edge over other Instagram users. These are the main features of Instander:

  • Completely free app with no Instagram ads
  • Download photos, videos, stories, and IGTV with ease
  • Upload your pictures and stories with better quality
  • View stories, read and write messages without anyone’s knowledge

Instander Features

There are soo many features in instander like download, privacy, ghost mode, quality improvements, gestures, feed & stories, verification, etc.

Download Instagram All Stuffs

  1. View and Download profile photos of anyone
  2. Download Reels and Videos
  3. Download Stories 
  4. Download Post or Photo

* Note if you follow the private account or profile and they accept your friend request, you can download all the stuff from their profiles.

Privacy Settings & Ghost mode

  1. Don’t mark Direct as Read
  2. Disable Typing Status
  3. Don’t mark Stories as seen
  4. View Livestreams Anonymously 
  5. Disable Ads
  6. Disable analytics 
  7. App Lock

Quality Improvements

  1. Improve Stories Quality
  2. Improve Reels Quality
  3. Improve IGTV Quality
  4. Improve Photo Quality
  5. Photos in Max Quality

Gestures Settings

  1. Swipe to Navigate
  2. Zoom Photo by long tap
  3. Like photo by double tap
  4. Download by triple tap
  5. Video scrubber

Feed & Stories Settings

  1. Auto-Play Videos
  2. Hide Liked posts
  3. Suggested Friends
  4. Stories autoplay with sounds
  5. Disable Stories Flipping
  6. 60-Second Stories
  7. In-App Browser
  8. Indicates “Follows You”
  9. Additional Menu For comments

Download Instander

Allows you to install it next to the official app. It has a different icon and application name. You can install both instander and Instagram original at the same time on your smartphone no need to uninstall the original Instagram.

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