Lashana Lynch: The Actress Breaking Barriers in Hollywood

Lashana Lynch is a British actress known for her roles in film and television. She has become a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes.

Early Life and Career

Born in London in 1987, Lynch began her career as a model before transitioning to acting. She trained at the Arts Educational Schools London and quickly landed roles in several British television series.

Breaking Through with “Bulletproof”

Lynch gained recognition for her role in the British television series “Bulletproof,” where she played the lead character’s wife. The show was a critical and commercial success, and Lynch’s performance was praised by critics.

Moving to Hollywood with “Captain Marvel”

In 2019, Lynch made her Hollywood debut in the film “Captain Marvel.” She played Maria Rambeau, the best friend and former fellow pilot of the film’s lead character, Carol Danvers. The film was a box office hit, grossing over $1 billion worldwide.

Breaking Barriers in Hollywood

Lynch has become known for her groundbreaking roles, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in Hollywood.

First Black Female 007

Lashana Lynch is an actress who stars in the 2021 James Bond film “No Time to Die.” In the movie, Lynch plays the character Nomi, a 00 agent who takes over the 007 designation after Bond retires from active service. Lynch’s casting as a black female 007 caused some controversy among misogynistic and racist trolls, but the actress has remained positive about the role and the message it sends to audiences.

Lynch was announced as a cast member for “No Time to Die” in a live stream event from Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye estate in Jamaica, which marked the official start of production for the film. The movie follows Bond as he comes out of retirement to help his friend Felix Leiter track down a mysterious villain with dangerous new technology. Nomi, played by Lynch, is also a 00 agent who crosses paths with Bond during his mission.

Challenging Beauty Standards

Lynch has been vocal about the importance of representation in Hollywood, particularly for Black women. She has challenged beauty standards in the industry and spoken out about the pressure to conform to Eurocentric beauty ideals.

Supporting Women in Film

Lynch has also been an advocate for women in the film industry. She has spoken out about the lack of opportunities for women both on and off screen and has actively sought out roles that promote strong, empowered female characters.


Lashana Lynch is a rising star in Hollywood, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the entertainment industry. Her performances have been critically acclaimed, and her advocacy for diversity and representation is inspiring. We can’t wait to see what groundbreaking roles she takes on next.


What other roles has Lashana Lynch played?

Lashana Lynch has appeared in several British television series, including “Silent Witness,” “Doctors,” and “Death in Paradise.” She has also had roles in films such as “Brotherhood” and “The One and Only Ivan.”

How did Lynch prepare for her role in “Bulletproof”?

To prepare for her role in “Bulletproof,” Lynch trained with real-life police officers and learned how to handle firearms.

What has Lynch said about the importance of representation in Hollywood?

Lynch has been vocal about the importance of representation in Hollywood, particularly for Black women. She has spoken out about the need for diverse stories and characters on screen.

What other advocacy work has Lynch done?

In addition to her advocacy for women in film, Lynch has also been an ambassador for The Black Curriculum, a UK-based organization that aims to address the lack of Black British history in the UK’s national curriculum.