NewJeans Minji’s Heartfelt Apology Sparks Debate Among Bunnies

NewJeans Minji's Heartfelt Apology Sparks Debate Among Bunnies

Minji, a member of the K-pop group NewJeans, recently issued an apology to their fan community, the Bunnies. This apology was prompted by a controversy surrounding Minji’s behavior during a live communication session with the Bunnies. She expressed regret over her tone and attitude during the session, acknowledging that it had caused discomfort among viewers.

Minji clarified that her intention during the live session was to communicate naturally and comfortably with the Bunnies, but her approach unintentionally led to confusion and hurt feelings. She wanted to convey that her actions were not intentional and that she deeply regretted any discomfort she may have caused.

The apology also addressed a prior incident where Minji mentioned not being familiar with kalguksu, a popular Korean noodle dish, during a YouTube appearance in January 2023. This led to criticism and accusations that she was pretending not to know for the sake of her idol image. Minji explained that her comment about kalguksu was more of a personal musing, and she hadn’t anticipated the misunderstandings and controversy that ensued.

Minji expressed remorse for disappointing fans with her immature attitude and shared that she had taken time during her break to reflect on her words and actions. In concluding her apology, Minji pledged to be more cautious and considerate in the future, vowing not to repeat the same mistakes.

Despite her apology, online discussions continued, with some supporting Minji and asking for a reduction in excessive criticism. The situation highlighted the complexities of navigating public perception in the entertainment industry and the diverse opinions within fan communities.

Below is the full apology letter from NewJeans member Minji.

Hello, this is Minji.
Since her debut, so many people have shown interest and love for her, so she is always grateful for her work.
On January 2 KST, during a live interaction with the Bunnies, my tone and attitude caused discomfort to the viewers. I am truly sorry to the Bunnies who must have been surprised and hurt that I showed a bad attitude during a live broadcast where I communicated naturally and comfortably with Bunnies.
Last winter, I knew what kind of reaction I had when I said I didn’t know what kalguksu was.
I’m a picky eater and have never tried kalguksu before, so I thought about the types and flavors of kalguksu and before I knew it, I thought, what is kalguksu? I ended up saying to myself, I didn’t know that there might be a misunderstanding because I was talking to myself, and I wanted to give a clear explanation, but I thought it felt like it was too late and it would calm down over time.
However, as time passed, more comments were made against my judgment, even my relationship with the members was mentioned, and I received strange misunderstandings, which continued to harass me knowingly or unknowingly for a year.
So I gave an explanation out of frustration, but I am also reflecting a lot on myself for disappointing you with my very immature attitude.
Through this incident, I thought about it a lot during my vacation and talked to people around me about the responsibility of my every word, and I learned a lot.
I will be more careful and careful not to repeat the same mistake.
I would like to once again express my apologies to the Bunnies who must have felt uncomfortable and embarrassed while watching the live performance.

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