Nicolas Cage Net Worth, Spouse, Daughter and Son

Nicolas Cage Net Worth, Spouse, Daughter and Son

Nicolas Cage (born Nicholas Kim Coppola on January 7, 1964) is an American actor and film producer. He is known for his eclectic and often eccentric performances, which have ranged from action films and blockbusters to independent films and dramas. Cage is also a nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola.

Cage began his acting career in the early 1980s, appearing in films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Rumble Fish (1983). He broke through to mainstream success in the late 1980s with starring roles in films such as Valley Girl (1983), Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), Raising Arizona (1987), and Moonstruck (1987).

In the 1990s, Cage established himself as a leading man in Hollywood, starring in major blockbusters such as The Rock (1996), Con Air (1997), Face/Off (1997), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), and the National Treasure film series (2004–2007). He also continued to take on challenging and diverse roles in films such as Leaving Las Vegas (1995), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor, Adaptation. (2002), and Matchstick Men (2003).

In recent years, Cage has continued to act in a wide range of films, including both big-budget blockbusters and independent films. He has also starred in several acclaimed television series, such as Drunk History and Lodge 49.

Nicolas Cage Net Worth

Nicolas Cage’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at $25 million. This is a significant decrease from his peak net worth of $150 million in the early 2000s, which was due to a combination of factors including extravagant spending and financial mismanagement. However, Cage has since paid off his debts and is now in a more stable financial position.

Cage has made over $170 million in his career from acting and producing, but he has also spent heavily on real estate, cars, and other. In 2011, he was reportedly $6.3 million in debt to the IRS, but he was able to pay off his debts by 2022.

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Real Estate Holdings

Nicolas Cage has owned a variety of homes over the years, including some truly unique and extravagant properties. Here is a list of some of his most notable real estate holdings:

  • Las Vegas mansion: Cage’s current residence is a 14,000-square-foot mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mansion has a Gothic cathedral design and features a black dragon in the living room and an indoor dome for his pet crow, Hugo.
  • Midford Castle: In 2007, Cage purchased Midford Castle in Somerset, England for $2.3 million. The castle was built in the 18th century and has a long and storied history. Cage sold the castle in 2014 for $5.7 million.
  • LaLaurie Mansion: In 2006, Cage purchased the LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana for $3.4 million. The mansion is known as one of the most haunted houses in America and was the site of horrific torture and murder in the early 1800s. Cage sold the mansion in 2014 for $3.9 million.
  • Private island in the Bahamas: In 2006, Cage purchased a private island in the Bahamas for $7 million. The island has its own airstrip and is located in a secluded area of the archipelago. Cage sold the island in 2011 for $3.5 million.
  • New Orleans mansion: In 2009, Cage purchased a mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana for $2.5 million. The mansion is located in the Garden District and has a rich history. Cage sold the mansion in 2014 for $3.7 million.

In addition to these properties, Cage has also owned homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Rhode Island. He has sold many of his properties over the years, but he still owns a few homes, including his Las Vegas mansion.

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Nicolas Cage’s parents are August Coppola and Joy Vogelsang.

His father, August, was a professor of literature and his mother, Joy, was a dancer and choreographer. Cage is the youngest of three sons, and his older brothers are Marc Coppola, a radio personality, and Christopher Coppola, a director.

Cage’s parents were both very supportive of his acting career. His father even helped him to get his first audition. Cage has said that his parents were his biggest fans and that he is grateful for their love and support.

Cage’s father passed away in 2009 at the age of 79. His mother is still alive and living in California.

Interestingly, Cage’s family is full of famous people. His uncle is director Francis Ford Coppola, and his aunt is actress Talia Shire. His cousins include directors Roman Coppola and Sofia Coppola, and actors Robert and Jason Schwartzman.

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Nicolas Cage has two older brothers:

  • Marc Coppola (born 1953) is a radio personality and producer. He is known for his long-running radio show “The Marc Coppola Show” on KROQ in Los Angeles.
  • Christopher Coppola (born 1956) is a director and producer. He has directed several films, including “Peggy Sue Got Married” (1986), “Gardens of Stone” (1987), and “Dracula” (1992).

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Nicolas Cage has been married five times. His current wife is Riko Shibata, whom he married in February 2021. His previous wives are:

  • Patricia Arquette (1995-2001)
  • Lisa Marie Presley (2002-2004)
  • Alice Kim (2004-2016)
  • Erika Koike (2019)

Nicolas Cage has been married five times, to four different women.

His first marriage was to actress Patricia Arquette in 1995. They met while working on the film “Vampire’s Kiss” and were married for six years.

After their divorce in 2001, Cage began dating singer Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. The couple married in 2002, but their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced four months later.

Cage’s third marriage was to Alice Kim, a waitress whom he met in 2004. They were married two months later and had a son together, Kal-El, in 2005. The couple divorced in 2016 after 12 years of marriage.

In 2019, Cage married makeup artist Erika Koike in Las Vegas. However, he filed for annulment four days later. The annulment was granted in June 2019, making this the shortest marriage of Cage’s life.

Cage married his fifth wife, Riko Shibata, in February 2021. Shibata is a Japanese actress and model. The couple met in 2019 while Cage was filming the movie “Prisoners of the Ghostland” in Japan. They began dating shortly after and were married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas. In September 2022, Shibata gave birth to their first child together, a daughter named August Francesca.

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Son & Daughter

Nicolas Cage has three children:

  • Weston Coppola Cage (born December 26, 1990)  is Cage’s son with American actress Christina Fulton. Weston is a musician and actor. He has appeared in several films, including “Lord of War” (2005) and “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” (2022). He is married and has four children.
  • Kal-El Coppola Cage (born October 3, 2005) is Cage’s son with his third wife, Alice Kim. Kal-El is a student and has not yet pursued a career in the entertainment industry.
  • August Francesca Cage (born September 7, 2022) is Cage’s daughter with his fifth wife, Riko Shibata. August is too young to have a career, but she is already a beloved member of the Cage family.

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Actor nicolas cage is the nephew of what famous movie director?

Nicolas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, the famous American film director, producer, and screenwriter. Francis Ford Coppola is best known for directing the Godfather trilogy (1972-1990), Apocalypse Now (1979), and The Conversation (1974). He has won three Academy Awards for Best Director, and he is considered to be one of the greatest directors of all time.

What is Nicolas Cage’s highest grossing film?

Nicolas Cage’s highest grossing film is The Croods, an animated comedy film released in 2013. The film grossed over $573 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing animated film of 2013. Cage voiced the character of Grug, the patriarch of a prehistoric family who must find a new home after their cave is destroyed.

What is Nicolas Cage’s most expensive car?

Nicolas Cage’s most expensive car is a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder. This car is one of the most sought-after Ferraris in the world, and it is estimated to be worth around $17.99 million. Cage bought the car in 1998 for $5.5 million, and it is said to be his favorite car in his collection.

How many ex-wives does Nicholas Cage have?

Nicolas Cage has been married five times and has four ex-wives.

How tall is Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage is 6 feet tall (1.83 meters).

How much is nicolas cage worth?

Nicolas Cage’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at $25 million. This is a significant decrease from his peak net worth of $150 million in the early 2000s.

What movie has Nicolas cage and Pedro pascal?

Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal starred together in the 2022 American action comedy film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. In the film, Cage plays a fictionalized version of himself, who is struggling to get his career back on track. He is offered a $1 million to attend the birthday of a dangerous superfan (Pascal), but things take a wild turn when Cage is recruited by the CIA to save himself and his loved ones.

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