Tom Cruise Net Worth | Spouse, Kids, Girlfriend and Religion

Tom Cruise Net Worth, Spouse, Kids, Girlfriend and Religion

Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer. He is one of the world’s highest-paid actors and has received various accolades, including an Honorary Palme d’Or and three Golden Globe Awards, in addition to nominations for four Academy Awards. His films have grossed over $4 billion in North America and over $11.5 billion worldwide, making him one of the highest-grossing box-office stars of all time.

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful and wealthy actors in Hollywood history. He has a net worth of $620 million, an average salary of $50 million a year, and a pay per movie that can reach up to $100 million.

He has starred in over 50 movies that have earned $11.5 billion at the global box office.

Here is a list of Tom Cruise’s acting salaries from his top 20 highest-grossing films, according to Box Office Mojo:

1Top Gun: Maverick2022$100 million
2Mission: Impossible – Fallout2018$100 million
3Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation2015$75 million
4Mission: Impossible III2006$75 million
5War of the Worlds2005$100 million
6Mission: Impossible 22000$100 million
7Jerry Maguire1996$20 million
8A Few Good Men1992$12 million
9Days of Thunder1990$9 million
10Interview with the Vampire1994$15 million
11The Firm1993$12 million
12Born on the Fourth of July1989$10 million
13Rain Man1988$3 million
14Top Gun1986$2 million
15Risky Business1983$75,000
16Collateral2004$20 million
17Edge of Tomorrow2014$20 million
18Oblivion2013$20 million
19Jack Reacher2012$20 million
20Minority Report2002$25 million

In addition to his acting income, Cruise also earns money from his production company, Cruise/Wagner Productions. He has produced several successful films, including the Mission: Impossible franchise and Top Gun: Maverick. He also owns a number of real estate properties around the world.

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Real Estate Holdings

Tom Cruise is known for his lavish lifestyle and his impressive real estate portfolio. He owns a number of homes around the world, including:

  • Beverly Hills, California

Cruise’s former Beverly Hills mansion was a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home that he purchased for $32.5 million in 2007. The home featured a number of amenities, including a swimming pool, tennis court, and movie theater. He sold the property in 2016 for $40 million.

  • Telluride, Colorado

Cruise owned a 320-acre estate in Telluride, Colorado for over 20 years. The property featured a 10,000-square-foot home, a horse barn, and a private trail system. He sold the estate in 2021 for $39.5 million.

  • Clearwater, Florida

Cruise owns a two-story penthouse apartment in Clearwater, Florida. The apartment features four bedrooms, a gym, game room, home theater, roof deck with an infinity pool, hot tub, gardens, and a bar. He purchased the apartment in 2017 for $9.5 million.

  • East Grinstead, England

Cruise owns a country estate in East Grinstead, England. The estate features a 16th-century manor house, a working farm, and a private airstrip. He purchased the property in 2006 for $4.2 million.

  • Little Hall’s Pond Cay, Bahamas

Tom Cruise’s private island in the Bahamas is called Little Hall’s Pond Cay. It is located in the Exuma Cays, a chain of over 360 islands and cays. The island is approximately 30 acres in size and has over 2,000 feet of beachfront. Cruise purchased the island in 2004 for $3 million.

In addition to these four homes, Cruise also owns a number of other properties around the world, including a private island in the Bahamas. The total value of Cruise’s real estate portfolio is estimated to be over $100 million.

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Private jet

Tom Cruise owns a Gulfstream IV private jet, which is estimated to be worth around $50 million. The jet is known for its spacious interior and luxurious amenities, including a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Cruise has used his jet to travel all over the world, and he has even been spotted flying it himself on occasion.

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Cruise also owns a Bell 429 helicopter, which is estimated to be worth around $7 million. The helicopter is known for its speed and agility, and it is often used for filming action scenes in Cruise’s movies. Cruise has reportedly learned to fly the helicopter himself, and he has even used it to commute to work on set.

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Luxury Cars and Motorcycles

Cruise has a passion for cars and motorcycles, and he owns a wide variety of high-end vehicles. Some of his most notable cars include:

  • Bugatti Veyron: $1.7 million
  • Porsche 993: $1 million
  • Chevrolet Corvette C1: $500,000
  • Nissan 300ZX SCCA Race Car: $300,000

Some of his most notable motorcycles include:

  • Ducati 999: $100,000
  • Triumph Bonneville: $10,000
  • Harley-Davidson Fat Boy: $15,000

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Tom Cruise’s parents are Thomas Cruise Mapother III and Mary Lee Pfeiffer.

His father was an electrical engineer and his mother was a special education teacher.

They were both from Louisville, Kentucky, and had English, German, and Irish ancestry.

Cruise’s parents divorced when he was in sixth grade, and he moved with his mother and sisters back to the United States. His father died of cancer in 1984, and his mother died in 2017.

Cruise has said that his childhood was difficult and that he was physically abused by his father. He has also said that his mother was his biggest supporter and that she encouraged him to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

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Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. He is a vocal advocate for the religion and has said that it has helped him to become a better person.

He has also said that it has helped him to overcome his dyslexia and to achieve success in his career. Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology’s International Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California.

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Tom Cruise has three sisters:

  • Lee Anne DeVette is Cruise’s eldest sister and was his publicist for a time. She is also a Scientologist.
  • Marian Henry is Cruise’s second-eldest sister. She is a social worker and lives in New York City.
  • Cass Mapother is Cruise’s youngest sister. She is a photographer and lives in Los Angeles.

In addition to his sisters, Cruise also has a cousin named William Mapother, who is an actor. Mapother has appeared in several films with Cruise, including “Mission: Impossible” and “Minority Report.”

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Tom Cruise has been married three times:

Mimi Rogers

Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers in 1987. They met through Rogers’ ex-husband, Emilio Estevez, and were married within a few months. The couple divorced in 1990.

Nicole Kidman

Cruise married actress Nicole Kidman in 1990, just months after his divorce from Rogers. Cruise and Kidman adopted two children together, Isabella and Connor. The couple divorced in 2001.

Katie Holmes

Cruise married actress Katie Holmes in 2006. They have one daughter together, Suri. The couple divorced in 2012.

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Tom Cruise has three children:

  • Isabella Jane Cruise (born December 22, 1992)
  • Connor Antony Cruise (born January 17, 1995)
  • Suri Cruise (born April 18, 2006)

Isabella and Connor were adopted by Cruise and his then-wife, Nicole Kidman, in the early 1990s. Suri is Cruise’s biological child with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Isabella and Connor are both Scientologists, like their father. They have both said that they have a close relationship with their father, despite the fact that he has not seen them in several years.

Suri lives with her mother in New York City. She has not seen her father since she was a young child.

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Tom Cruise is currently single. His last known relationship was with his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell, from 2020 to 2022.

Cruise has had a high-profile love life over the years, having been married three times and dating some of the most famous women in the world. His ex-wives include Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. He has also dated Cher, Penélope Cruz, and Sofía Vergara.

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How tall is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is 5’7″ (170 cm) or 1.70 meters tall.

How old was Tom Cruise in top gun?

Tom Cruise was 24 years old when Top Gun was released in 1986.

Who is tom cruise dating?

Tom Cruise is not currently dating anyone publicly. He was last rumored to be dating his Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell in 2020, but they split up in 2022.

How much is Tom Cruise Worth?

As of 2023, Tom Cruise’s net worth is estimated to be $620 million.

Where does tom cruise live?

Tom Cruise has several homes around the world, but his primary residence is a two-story penthouse in Clearwater, Florida. The penthouse is located in the SkyView building, which is just blocks away from the Scientology headquarters. The penthouse has stunning views of the city and the Gulf of Mexico. It also has a rooftop deck with a swimming pool, hot tub, and bar.

How much did tom cruise make for top gun 2?

Tom Cruise reportedly made over $100 million for Top Gun: Maverick. This includes his upfront salary of $12.5 million, as well as a percentage of the film’s profits. Top Gun: Maverick was a huge box office success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide. This made it one of the highest-grossing films of 2022.

Who was tom cruise married to?

Tom Cruise has been married three times: Mimi Rogers (1987-1990), Nicole Kidman (1990-2001), and Katie Holmes (2006-2012).

What religion is tom cruise?

Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. He is a vocal advocate for the religion and has said that it has helped him to become a better person

How many kids does tom cruise have?

Tom Cruise has three children: Isabella Jane Cruise (adopted with Nicole Kidman), Connor Antony Cruise (adopted with Nicole Kidman), and Suri Cruise (biological daughter with Katie Holmes)